“How can we improve our product to ensure that our investors reap the full benefit of their investment in our projects?”
“What can we do to ensure that our investors can capitalize on compounding interest?” 

These are some questions that we continuously ask ourselves at OrbVest.

The total cash sitting in trading accounts/Wallets is growing every quarter as out total dividend payouts increase quarter on quarter. At the time of writing the exchange was holding nearly $2m of investors funds while earning no returns.

So now we have done the unthinkable, and thanks to the efficiencies of technology, have lowered the minimum investment for current investors to $1. Now you can capitalize on compounding interest rather than having your dividends lying dormant in your wallet. And there is more, because as long as you invest as little as $1 per quarter, your PKF trading account will not be billed with the $5 per month inactivity fee.

The beta version is live so why not login www.orbvest.com and make a micro investment.

Start benefitting today with these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: As a current investor, log into your account on www.orbvest.com

Step 2: Choose your preferred investment from one of the projects open for investment

Step 3: Select invest and complete the investment process

Janie Keuris
Operations Manager