Hello from a very cold and snowy New York City.

Since immigrating to Westchester NY in August 2018, life for myself Lara and our 3 children has certainly been eventful, and the lessons learned are definitely a story I will share another day. But thanks to an incrediblysupportive community we have settled well, and with the vibrant Manhattan city, the business epicentre of the world on my doorstep, I wake up every day with a defining awareness that anything is possible. New York’s distinctive seasons keep us invigorated, from the warmth and greenery of summer to the beauty of fall and the freshness of white snow during the winter period.

From a business perspective, the goal of establishing OrbVest in the USA continues to gain enormous momentum weekly and monthly as I get to meet and network with key players in the banking and property industry here. New York is a vital part of our plan and to that purpose we have opened OrbVest offices at One Grand Central, in the heart of Manhattan to supplement our existing offices and people in Atlanta. Furthermore, we are thrilled that our current offering, RiverPlace Medical centre (Medical 14) situated in Austin Texas has been oversubscribed and we will be able to close in the next 3 weeks. But what really excites me about OrbVest, is our strong purpose to create regular, reliable dollar based income streams for our investors around the world, and during the last quarter we broke our previous record to pay out $826,154 in cash dividends to our real estate investors.

We hope you enjoy our monthly newsletter as much as I will enjoy sharing our journey with you. There is so much news, but I’ll keep it for next time. Please share this mail with anyone who you think will benefit, join our social media pages and share your thoughts.

Till next time,