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Moneyweb’s Ryk van Niekerk talks to OrbVest CEO, Martin Freeman, in New York.

"RYK VAN NIEKERK: There are many segments, niche segments in the property sector. Why did you decide to focus on the medical sector? It seems very, very niche.

MARTIN FREEMAN: So healthcare in the US is a vast and very powerful industry that is in the trillions [of dollars], and as you correctly said, there are many segments to it. It covers hospitals, senior living, assisted living, medical office buildings and so on and so on. And so we chose the healthcare niche just because of its stability.

We chose the US as a country because of its power and might, and we also chose the medical office buildings [niche] because it offers the consistent returns that we believe most investors in the world are seeking. And because of the multi-tenant nature and the profitability of the tenants, it just offers the perfect combination of investors able to receive, for example, 8% cash on cash and also profit when we sell the building. But again, without the associated risk of, for example, retail and commercial buildings and other sectors."

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