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Orbvest's Martin Freeman explains why US medical buildings still offer a sound investment opportunity - despite the current global market turmoil.

OrbVest offers ownership opportunities in stable income-producing buildings that generate consistent returns and aren’t affected by market sentiment.

"RYK VAN NIEKERK: OrbVest is a global real estate company based in New York, which offers investors from around the world the opportunity to invest directly into US commercial properties and most notably in the medical sector, and I’m now speaking from New York with Martin Freeman, he is the company CEO. Martin, thank you so much for joining me. The world is currently changing quite dramatically. In a previous podcast we discussed the OrbVest opportunity and you said investors could expect roughly an internal rate of return of between 12% and 13% per annum. Do you think that is still realistic in the current environment, which seems to be very very uncertain.

MARTIN FREEMAN: Ryk, thanks again for having me on your show. Just to correct something you said – 12% to 13%, I think that we would be disappointed [with]. We look to get between 12% and 17% on average on our investments regarding the environment at the moment. Before we get talking about that, I would first like to acknowledge to all our South African investors and your listeners the tremendous strain that this pandemic is placing on them both personally and financially.

And then regarding our returns in OrbVest, you know OrbVest really is a business that is here to help people and we are here to help people invest their hard earned money into these assets in the USA and earn great dividends. And in terms of the returns, we believe that not only are they sustainable, we believe that they are recession-proof and, in fact, I think going forward there’s going to be even more opportunity in the USA. It’s an enormous market and there’s always buildings for sale. We don’t like to buy on market; we buy off-market opportunities."

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